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Meet The Team

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Step into the sacred realm of Raphaela, where healing, self-expression, and spiritual transformation intertwine. With a wealth of experience spanning 30 years, Raphaela is a trusted practitioner and teacher in the realms of Yoga, Bodywork, Yoga Therapeutics, Dance, Art, Motherhood, Sacred Marriage, and Life itself. Through her teachings, she imparts a deep understanding of physical alignment, the subtle energy body, and the integration of shamanic and tantric practices. Raphaela's profound journey in yoga has been enriched by certifications and immersive studies that have shaped her approach to teaching. It all began in 2001, when she embarked on her training with the original hot yoga method. Sharing her wisdom and passion, she co-ran two studios in Houston, Texas before her path led her to the enchanting lands of Santa Fe, where she immersed herself in the teachings of Anusara Tantra yoga. In 2003/04, she deepened her knowledge at The New Mexico Academy of the Healing Arts and has since been offering bodywork sessions, combining her expertise in massage therapy with her holistic approach to healing. In May 2020, Raphaela embraced a new path of spiritual exploration, diving into Neeklakana Meditation through initiation. This profound experience led her to immerse herself in Blue Throat Yoga and the transformative teachings of Kashmir Saivism, guided by the esteemed Pall Muller Ortega. Through these teachings, she delves into the depths of spirituality and self-realization, expanding her understanding and embodying ancient wisdom. With a deep commitment to women's wellness, Raphaela has dedicated her studies over the past two years to the reclaiming of the divine feminine. This dedication allows her to offer a unique and empowering perspective in her classes, workshops, and retreats, supporting women on their journey to self-empowerment, self-expression, and holistic self-care. Raphaela's commitment to self-expression and the embodiment of the feminine extends to her embrace of the aerial arts, particularly pole dancing. Through this captivating art form, she explores empowerment, beauty, sensuality, and self-expression, infusing her overall approach to wellness and self-discovery with a rich tapestry of movement and artistry. Drawing upon her extensive training, diverse experiences, and deep dedication to personal growth and healing, Raphaela infuses her practice with Goddess wisdom and deep joy. Her teachings encompass a holistic approach to well-being, nurturing not only the physical body but also the energetic and spiritual dimensions of her students' lives. She is thrilled to continue offering transformative experiences through Steady As She Goes Retreats, Shakti Sessions: Embodying The Goddess, Custom Bodywork Sessions, and Yoga Classes. And on the horizon, she has an exciting vision of a new women's embodied course, "Sovereign Pearl," set to launch in Winter 2024. Step into the sanctuary of Raphaela's offerings, where healing, self-expression, and spiritual transformation await. Allow her wisdom, warmth, and nurturing presence to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and radiant well-being. Embrace the invitation to practice, learn, and receive from this luminous soul, and embark on a profound exploration of body, mind, and spirit.

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