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Our Team

Meet Our Facilitators 
Raphaela Fritz

Raphaela's journey through yoga and healing arts is a remarkable one, spanning over three decades of dedication and growth. Her unique bland of movement, breath, alignment, and energetic anatomy creates a holistic approach to yoga and body work. From her early beginnings practicing yoga in art school to her current role as a teacher, healer, and Co-Founder of Nectar Healing Arts and Steady As She Goes Retreats, Raphaela's path has been characterized by continuous learning and evolution. 

Starting at the age of 19, she began teaching yoga to underprivileged youth in Tuscan, setting the stage for a lifelong commitment to sharing her knowledge and wisdom with others. Her journey led her to complete her hot yoga training in 2001, and she went on to teach full time in Houston, Texas, where she has even achieved recognition in international yoga competitions. 

The Shift to Santa Fe, NM, in 2004 marked a turning point as she delved into the teachings of tantra through Anusara Yoga and pursued massage school. This period also saw her engaging in various teacher training, immersions, and workshops, solidifying her expertise and refining her teaching style. Raphaela's dedication to learning and growth continued as she became certified in both Bikram and Anusara styles of yoga. 

Her role as a co-founder of Nectar Healing Arts since 2009 and Steady As She Goes Retreats underscores her commitment to creating spaces for healing and transformation. Over the years, she has focused on women's workshops and retreats, empowering women to connect with their body and spirt. 

Currently working on a women's course set to launch in 2024, Raphaela's passion for sharing her wisdom and experience continues to grow. Raphaela taught at West Asheville Yoga and Hot Yoga Asheville from 2014-2020. Her recent return to teaching at HYA is a testament to her commitment in contributing to the yoga community and making a lasting difference in her students lives. 

Raphaela's story showcases a lifelong journey of growth, learning, and transformation. Making her an inspiring figure in the worlds of yoga, healing, and personal development. 

Jessica Zoller

Jessica lives in Asheville, NC where she guides humans through yoga, meditation and energy work journeys, plays music, and hangs out with loved ones and animals as much as possible- preferably in the woods near some water. Jessica (she/her) studied as a social worker and continues to be a devoted student and practitioner of somatics, psychology, spirituality and their integration. She also identifies as a neurodiverse human (what up, fam, I see you and I love you!)

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Chef Walton

Food is the Art of Mother Earth, and Food is deep medicine.

It has been through my own healing journey with food that I have come to integrate my background in Fine Art into the kitchens, my greatest form of creative expression.  Sharing the pure bounty, beauty and vibrancy of plant based holistic cooking inspired by the garden and locally sourced ingredients is my greatest Joy! 

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Rene Treece
Luxe House Photographic's founder, René Treece, is not just a fine art portrait photographer; she's a nature lover and a champion of self-love and affirmation through her lens. With a profound connection to the natural world, René creates an atmosphere where women can authentically embrace their essence amidst the enchanting Appalachian Mountains. Her warm, professional demeanor is paired with a passion for capturing the beauty that resides within every individual. René's work is not just about photography; it's a journey of self-discovery, a celebration of uniqueness, and an affirmation of the inherent beauty in all of us.
Joan Skolimowski

The wisdom keeper and guardian of The Sanctuary, which is our second facility for the retreats, Joan also is the mother to Raphaela Fritz.

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