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Welcome to

Nectar Retreat Center

Our two properties along a majestic mountain path that resides in Barnardsville. Both within a short walk of each other, shepherded by The Fritz Family.

Ranch-House Shot.jpeg


Our majestic mountain family ranch. South facing with a southern style porch and a breathtakingly long range mountain view. Gaze at our heritage purebred mini jersey cows, alpine goats and Swedish flower chickens. 4 Rooms available

The Sanctuary

Located on 26 acres of pristine forested land, and filled with tulip poplars as far as you can see. This property is blessed with a mountain stream fed pond, a river, and the land that holds our yoga/healing studio. It is the home of Raphaela's  mother, who is kind enough to be the anchor of this dream in the making.
3 rooms available

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