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 Led by Raphaela Fritz 

Sovereign Pearl 

Reclaiming Feminine Radiance & Wholeness 

A Nine-Week Online

Embodiment Immersion for Women

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I am honored to share my new signature course with you,

Sovereign Pearl


As a mother of three and a devoted wife, I am passionate about all women's health and healing through embodied practices.


For over two and a half decades, I have been a dedicated yoga practitioner, teacher, and licensed bodyworker, facilitating women’s yoga and embodiment retreats and workshops.

My journey includes a degree in art and extensive studies in yoga, meditation, sensual dance, non-dual Tantra philosophy, Goddess yoga, biomechanics, yoga therapeutics, sacred sexuality, shamanism, and many other healing modalities.


As most of us have, I have faced significant challenges, including a lack of confidence, wounding, and sexual and birth trauma.

These experiences, coupled with the approaches and practices in this course, have brought me back to wholeness and radiance and now I am ready to share all of this with you!

One of my greatest passions is bringing women together and supporting them on their healing journeys. This course is the culmination of 25 years of personal healing work and yogic teaching.

Soveriegn Pearl integrates all of the tools and modalities I've learned over decades, into a single online workshop that assists in guiding you back to your innate radiance. I am so looking forward to working with you and guiding you on this transformative path!

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This course is for you if...


You're seeking healing tools to navigate every era of your life with grace and confidence

The Journey 

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Ready For Healing?

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Registration opens mid-summer 

Our nine-week online immersion begins late summer

Katrina Cameron

Mother & Personal Trainer

Raphaela is an incredible teacher, both physically and verbally. Her stories, breathwork, and chanting will stay with me forever. Her ability to hold space for such a large group of women is potent. She adds the most beautiful small touches that make the retreat exceed all expectations. I am profoundly grateful to Raphaela for bringing me a spark of life, teaching me how to integrate her teachings into daily life, and guiding me to a place of balance again.

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Reclaim Your Feminine Sovereignty 

If you're a woman resonating with these words and ready to reclaim the Radiance & Wholeness that is your birthright,  join Sovereign Pearl.

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