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The Shakti Sessions: Embodying The Goddess

Dive into the transformative power of the divine feminine. In the Tantric tradition, the ancient seers embodied this sacred vibration as an expression of Shakti…the divine feminine power. Following in this ancient tradition (& with a modern twist), each month we will meet to learn, embody, connect with one another, and connect within.


Embark on a journey where we explore what it feels like to embody life affirming qualities of ancient deities within the modern day context of all that you are.  Inspired by stories, myths, and teachings of the divine feminine, you will reconnect to your own powers through aligned yoga asana, breath work, mantra, contemplation, relaxation, and meditation. Each month we will explore the powers that these wisdom keepers hold, and learn how we can incorporate these attributes into our lives. The essence focused on merging aspects of the ancient wisdom of the divine within and now. 


Experience the protective powers within you, shift the way you view the world, cleanse the mental, physical and emotional bodies through the practice of deity yoga.  Most importantly, this work presents the opportunity to shift the way we see ourselves, seeing the divine qualities we already hold.

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Embodying The Goddess
of Love & Devotion


“You have within you more Love than you could ever understand.”


Shakti Sessions: Embodying The Goddess presents.... The Goddess of Devotion & Love

Join us on Sunday, February 25th from 10am-2pm for a heart-opening journey through yoga, meditation, and reflections on love. This session will be guided by Raphaela Fritz and accompanied by the musical magic of Jessica Zoller.

- Yoga to Open, Expand & Awaken the Heart
- Aligned Yoga Flow, Heart Openers, Backbends
- Meditations & Reflections on Love
- Musical Magic by Jessica Zoller
- Organic Lunch

Leave feeling open, expanded, and awakened.

    What a gift to gather in this intentional way to deepen our own individual connection with the goddess in community.

    Each workshop will consist of story,  yoga asana, visualizations, mantra, journaling prompts & small group shares.  

    We will meet at our new sweet location which is about 30 minutes north of Asheville; in

    Barnardsville, from 10am -1pm.  


    What To Bring:

    -Yoga Mat***

    -Water bottle****

    -A snack if you need one

    -A scarf or mediation shawl if you’d like

    -A journal & pen

    Feel free to bring a picnic lunch if you would like to stay after class and enjoy the grounds.  There are short hiking trails on property, a creek/river, & a pond.

    The session is on a sliding scale from $35-$75, so you can contribute what feels right to you.  You can bring cash or vemno me @Raphaela-Fritz. If you would like to pay by credit card you can let me know the desired amount and I can send you an individual invoice.

    Looking forward to diving into the goddess with you.

    Embodying the Goddess
    What to expect & logistics

    What a wonderful opportunity to come together intentionally and deepen our individual connections with the goddess in community.

    Each workshop will encompass storytelling, yoga asana, visualizations, mantra recitations, journaling prompts, and small group sharing sessions. An organic lunch will be provided following the workshop.

    We will convene at our delightful new location, situated approximately 30 minutes north of Asheville.

    You will be sent directions and logistics once registered  


    What To Bring:

    -Yoga Mat***

    -Water bottle****

    -A snack if you need one

    -A scarf or mediation shawl if you’d like

    -A journal & pen

    We're thrilled that you'll be joining us for the Shakti Sessions! As space is limited and your seat is being reserved, we kindly request a 48-hour cancellation notice. A $40 non-refundable deposit will be charged if notice is not provided within this time frame.

    We look forward to exploring the goddess within with you!

    Join us on Sunday, 3/24/24 from 10am-2pm for a transformative experience centered around Sita, the Goddess of Surrender. Through yoga flow, restorative poses, guided meditation, chanting, and journal prompts, we will explore the essence of Sita and the power of surrender as a path to opening and trusting in the universe. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with your inner self and experience the beauty of selfless love and service. Register now for $75.

    Pink Peonies
    Yoga Practice

    Shakti Sessions:Embodying The Goddess Saraswati

    She Who Flows with Creativity, Insight, & Sound

    Sunday, January 14th 10am-2pm

    with Raphaela Fritz & Music by Jessica Zoller

    Aligned Yoga Flow & Inversions

    Mantra & Chanting

    Guided Mediation/Vizualizations

    Jounaling Prompts & Group Share


    Delicious Organic Lunch (included after workshop)

    Goddess of Radical Transcendence & Ego Releasing

    Sunday, 4/21  10am-2pm
    Guided by Raphaela Fritz


    Myth & Story 

    Yoga Flow & Pranayama

    Guided Meditation 
    Chanting & Song TBD 

    Journal Prompts & Sharing


    Fall 2024 
    Goddess of Revolution

    Are you ready for the fierce goddess who brings radical transformation and rebirth? Depending on where we are coming from, Kali can be terrifying, fascinating, or loving.
    Deep Fierce Love: The Ego Smashing of Kali
    Clearing obstructions, wounds, traumas, grief, and fear via attributes of feminine ferocity.
    Cleansing and clearing the body and nervous system with twists, enlivening the ferocity of the heart with back bends, and melting into the heart with chest openers.


    Upcoming Shakti Sessions:

    Shakti Sessions 2023


    Bhuvaneswari: She Is Limitless & Holds The World 

    Raphaela Fritz & Cat Matlock

    Sunday December 2024 10am-2pm 

    -Expand your capactiy to grow from the inside out.

    -Can we hold more space for ourselves & each other

    Aligned Yoga Flow-Meditation-Storytelling-Chanting-Tea-Jounaling-Group Shares

    She helps us to expand, create, & hold space. 

    The Goddess of Yoga, Sacred Marriage, & Motherhood

    Sunday, June 25th 10am-1pm...Part of 28 Hour Reset Retreat

    Guided by Raphaela Fritz

    Myth & Story 

    Grounding Yoga Flow Open the Hips & Pranayama 

    Guided Meditation 
    Live Singing & Beats

    Reflection & Sharing

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