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Steady As She Goes Retreats
Steady In The Fire

Women’s Yoga & Embodied Wisdom 

November 3-5, 2023


Steady In The Fire Retreat

-Ignite, Illuminate, & Transform: Your Ultimate 48-Hour Escape-


✨ Steady As She Goes Retreats are a sanctuary for wild-hearted women. Embrace balance, self-discovery, and sisterhood. Join us in rekindling the steady, serene being of love within you. Your journey begins here. 


A 3 day/2 night Yoga Retreat of communion, relaxation, practice, and friendship.

We will gather at a one of a kind, Nectar Retreat Center. Located only 20 minutes north of Asheville, yet you'll feel worlds away, tucked into a truly magical slice of Western North Carolina wilderness. 

Allow space for yourself to truly breath and pause, away from the hustle of daily life in order to refill, recharge, and reset your body, thoughts, and spirit. Come share a weekend dedicated to letting go of old patterns while allowing a new cycles to manifest. Are ready to refuel yourself with fire yoga, nourishment, dance, connection, meditation, fires, saunas, hiking & more? If you are ready to refill your clarity and purpose in life, come gather with other wonderful women for a magical weekend on a beautiful eco farm and forest retreat. We look forward to your presence!

 Eco-Luxury Accommodations: Unwind in comfort within nature, blending sustainable luxury with relaxation.

 Yoga & Embodied Wisdom: Guided daily by Raphaela Fritz, nourish your body and soul through transformative yoga sessions.

 Sound Healing: Immerse yourself in the healing qualities of a sound bath led by Laura Mahr, where the harmonious sounds and frequencies will wash away stress and tension, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and restored.

Delicious Organic Meals: Savor six delectable organic meals nurturing your well-being.

🔥 Shakti Sessions Workshop: Explore feminine power, movement, and self-reflection through the empowering Shakti Sessions.

 Forest & Nature Connection: Rejuvenate your senses with guided forest walks, embracing nature's beauty.

 Sisterhood & Empowerment: Engage in meaningful connections and conversations, embracing the strength of sisterhood.


Steady As She Goes Retreats have been carefully crafted to support the process of refilling our cups; of finding balance, and for reminding each other who we are: that each of us, at our essence remain a vibrant, steady, and serene being of love. Circling with other women is soul-medicine needed for wild-hearted women in modern times. The sisterhood we are co creating is palpable and so needed.

Image by Brooke Lark

What to Expect?





Each day we will practice yoga and meditation, nourish our bodies, connect, explore, reflect, and release. Fall is the time to find balance, care for ourselves, begin to reflect, and to let go. This retreat offers ample space for self-renewal while also circling up with other women, to re-emerge inspired and energetic.



We will explore together through:

Feminine-Infused Yoga​​

Shakti Sessions Workshop: Kali

 Sound Bath 

Daily Meditation​

 Embodiment practices​

Yoga Nidra & Restorative yoga

Fires​ & Fire Ceremony

Forest hiking in Autumn​​


​Delicious Organic & Nourishing Food

Elixirs & Mocktails

Farm life: gentle, slow, natural,

in tune with nature's rhythms


A Fall Retreat designed to empower calling upon the transformative nature of fire,

using yoga and embodied wisdom practices. 

She bring the beats, the song, and the heart supporting our yoga practice.
Jessica Zoller 
Laura Mahr Headshot.jpeg
Laura Mahr 
The guide of our healing sound bath & song
Jump in to the fire and reconnect with the unwavering, fully alive, radiance that resides within you!
Interested or have more questions? Ready to book? Please contact me directly via my email below or RSVP on our website here:
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