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Unveiling In The Light

Updated: Jun 24

On this solstice weekend, as we are reminded of the importance of holding steady in the light, we should reflect on the abundance of light within each of us. This light takes many forms and can express itself in a multitude of ways—from the flow of our thoughts, the currents of our emotions, to the vitality of our physical bodies. In all its many forms, our inner light becomes the way we radiate our unique essence into the world.

Observing children and babies, we see that they are more connected to this pure essence of joy and light that moves through their consciousness. As we grow and experience the world, we encounter hurt and challenges that create wounds, scars, and defenses. Over time, this buildup creates a veil, a dust on the mirror of our ability to see and connect to that light in its pure state. One of the great teachings in non duel Tantra is the practice of lifting this veil. Although this obscurity and these limitations are part of the gift of human embodiment, they can be overcome.

Three years ago today, my mother-in-law left her body. The events leading up to her crossing over were a profound journey. My husband felt called to support her through this transition as an act of service, which later extended to his father’s transition. His constant care—physically, psychologically, and spiritually—spanned close to a year, 24/7. My mother-in-law had dementia, and observing how it manifested through her consciousness was enlightening. This woman, who was often very bright and joyful, would sometimes be overtaken by shadows or darkness. Yet, as she neared the end of her life, there was a return to the light. A sparkle in her eye, a child-like essence emerged as the veil that obstructed her connection with the light lifted.

Witnessing her bravery as she neared her passing filled me with great reverence and gratitude. I also have deep respect for my husband for his unwavering act of service to his mother. Although it was beautiful, it marked one of the most significant and pivotal times in our lives. The care for her brought to the surface many stresses in our family life and marriage. It was during this time of crossing over that both myself and our relationship underwent significant journey to deeper layers of healing.

It is crucial to be reminded of this birthright—the source of light that moves through us all. When we turn towards healing in its many forms, we give that light permission to reenter us, becoming new, brighter, more radiant, and vital. On this Summer Solstice weekend, I encourage you to take a step towards uncovering your connection with that light that resides within you.

If you're a woman resonating with these words and ready to commit to finding your way back to the radiance that is your birthright, join the waitlist for my new course, Sovereign Pearl: Reclaiming Feminine Radiance & Wholeness.

One of my greatest passions is bringing women together and supporting them on their healing journeys. This course is the culmination of 25 years of personal healing work and yogic teaching. Soveriegn Pearl integrates all of the tools and modalities I've learned over decades, into a single online workshop that assists in guiding you back to your innate radiance. I am so looking forward to working with you and guiding you on this transformative path!

Registration opens mid-summer, and the nine-week online immersion begins late summer.

With love & reverence,

Raphaela Fritz

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