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Cultivating Clarity & Balance with the Goddess Saraswati


Saraswati "She Who Flows with Insight-Creativity-Wisdom"

A new year is upon us, filled with so much potential and possibility. With the energy of new beginnings, many of us, myself included, make lists of our hopes and dreams...but how to make them manifest within the World remains a mystery?

Life thrives within balance, always seeking equilibrium, that “just right” fit for each circumstance. In our yoga practice, our relationships, our work and play, and our creative expressions, we seek to find this optimal space between the contrary, complementary, and dynamic balances.

Recently, my 9 year old daughter Navarra and I revisited the well known children’s story of Goldilocks. A lost little girl, alone, tired and hungry, wanders through the vast forest and stumbles across a cozy yet mysterious house. Upon entering, Goldilocks explores the components of the house: the chairs, the porridge, the beds. It is through experiencing the different polarities of size, temperature, and texture that she finds the sweet spot for her.