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The Art of Letting Go

Inevitably we are all called to let go and give over into the unknown at some point in our lives. Yet isn't it ironic that during these darker days letting go couldn't be further down our to do list. We adhere to our schedules, cling to the holidays, the social obligations, we spend more. We procure, eat more, shop, and celebrate.

Whether we enjoy these traditions or not, to some degree we participate in them. We have been trained over time to do the opposite of letting go.

If we can slow down enough for just a moment If we can take a deep breath, pause and look at the nature that surrounds us we are reminded that this time of year reminds us to simplify, to draw back and in, to learn through personal experience the sacred art of letting go.

While many of the goddesses inspire us with their alluring beauty, strength, fierceness and love, Dhumavati the wise, widowed, witchy crone goddess reminds us of the inevitable. She is not paired with a masculine consort, she is far from alluring and beautiful forshe is the goddess of disappointment and letting go.

Whatever stage of life you find yourself in, whatever chapter of the story of your life, eventually failure, loss, and lack presents itself. Successes fail, health declines, strength withers, luck runs out, jobs come and go, memories fade and death appears.

All of these experiences will eventually arise regardless of if we are ready or prepared.

While I recognize that these teachings may not have the radiant sparkle of the goddess of abundance or the magnetic power of the warrioress, yet she is equally important.

The crone goddess has many great rough cut gems of wisdom to bestow upon us, All we have to do is show up and be willing to look at her and our acceptance expands.

-Letting go of expectations

-Non clinging & Not attachment

-Receiving the gifts even when we feel disconnected, dry, and uninspired

-Compassion for the sick and elderly

-Acceptance with the aging process

-Embracing egolessness, emptiness & solitude

We will have an All Levels aligned yoga practice focusing on opening the hips and heart, followed by pranayama, restorative yoga & meditation.

Feeling drawn to integrate this wisdom into your embodiment? You can regisger to Shakti Sessions: The Art of Letting Go workshop here

In this workshop we will invoke the teachings of Dhumavati along with elements of the season of winter into our practice.

We will have an All Levels aligned yoga practice focusing on opening the hips and the heart, moving into pranayama and restorative yoga,, manta and meditation.

The last hour we will be invited into the inquiry process with journaling prompts and the opportunity to connect and share with other participants.

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