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Searching for Wholeness

Updated: Feb 7

 “You have within you more Love than you could ever understand.”- Rumi

I am a fervent advocate of LOVE—not the cliché Valentine’s Day kind, but the authentic, enduring, challenging, and pure form of love. Love serves as the thread intricately woven through the fabric of our lives, manifesting in various expressions: caring, compassionate, sexual, healing, fierce, and platonic. There's love for pets, love for wisdom, love for our planet, and then there's a profound love that embodies deep devotion, desire, and longing.

When the yearning to be connected to something beyond ourselves arises, it emanates from every cell of our being. This love I speak of isn't the cool, calculated, transactional, and detached kind that some may have unfortunately experienced. No, this Love takes on visceral intensity, compelling us to break free from stagnant patterns, demanding our daily devotion and attention. It's a commitment that's non-negotiable, tearing down barriers within our hearts and spirits, leading us back to wholeness.

The love within the human heart is vast, expressing itself as blissful, open, and devoted when held in its natural state.

While we all yearn to feel whole, separation, and its companions—disconnection and forgetfulness—play a role in the human experience. In times of disconnection, we ache. Pain, discomfort, and a sense of longing are the signals of separation, guiding us back to balance. This separation is palpable in our bodies, relationships, and psyches. By acknowledging and accepting this sensation of longing, our hearts open to the essence that is our birthright—Love.

We all have the opportunity to explore our connection with the divine, that part within and beyond ourselves, yet somehow not different from us. When we access the space of infinite acceptance in our hearts, we feel united, connected, complete, satisfied, and satiated.


The Sufi poet Rumi beautifully reminds us,

 “You have within you more Love than you could ever understand.


If you are:

  • Desire to reconnect with the element of LOVE,

  • In need of inspiration,

  • Desiring to open your upper back to connect more fully to your heart,

  • Ready learn the art of back bending,

  • Longing to connect with yourself & wonderful women,

  • Excited to sing and chant,

  • Relection & sharing

  • A fan of hot tea, forest sancuary and delicious organic lunch in these cold months,  

Join the upcoming Shakti Sessions: Embodying The Goddess of Love & Devotion.

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