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Feeling Is Power

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Feeling Is Power July 2022

As time continues to unfold in our lives, I find we have the opportunity to look back with increasing wisdom and insight, and receive clarity on past, younger versions of ourselves, which may have felt clouded, confused, challenging at the time. As we move along the path the potency and "right place, right time" becomes ever more present, allowing us to see the ever unfolding bigger picture of our place and purpose in this life. I reflect on this often recently. While a 46 year old iteration of myself, I can chart my healing journey back to the tender age of 23 when I had some pivotal moments of growth and change, some painful, all monumental, which I can now see allowed my awakening, showing me to follow Spirit back, to find myself.

Since then, my journey has been a series of stepping stones, each one providing enough stability for me to access new-found wisdom, guiding me towards the next, and the next, my path unfolding.

Each of these stepping stones creates a unique path that is ours alone; that is, if we choose to listen and follow. As many of us know, the path to healing is not easy; we have embedded within us stored experiences, whether it be ingrained worldviews in the deep caverns of our psyche, residual trauma in our bodies, or old wounds in our heart. Should we take time to pay attention and listen, we can follow the appropriate path, that which is most potent and aligned for our evolution at that time.

We all have these experiences stored in our bodies, and not only are they representative of those stepping stones along our individual paths; they are also representative embodied expressions of the divine feminine. In the realm of the divine feminine exists the ability to feel : this is one expression of power. I know for myself there were years where it seemed easier to turn away from, to numb myself, with this subconscious voice saying “oh, just push it down”, “sweep it under the rug”, “forget about it”. But you see, the goddess does not like being swept under the rug: she wants to be witnessed, heard, and loved in her many forms.

There are many forms of feminine power, from that which is gentle, to the lovingly fierce, from spiritually erotic to the warrioress of protection and strength. There is the goddess who supports us in letting go of disappointment, she who flows with insight and creativity; she of devotion and of romantic longing. It’s hard to access these attributes when we are living in a world where the understanding is missing. For how can the world understand when so many women themselves are out of touch with their own sense of power?

How do we as women find our way back? How to we begin to know again the various expressions of Shakti form feminine strength to various tastes of love?

Connecting to our inherent essence of power is one way in.

In the Tantric tradition the creative power of the universe is known as Shakti. Shakti refers to the immense creativity of the soul, and the infinite energy of the physical universe. This power, this love, this force, co-creates the universe along with the masculine expression of being and awareness. Everything is Shakti. Yes, it is the beauty of feminine expression, but don’t forget, it is also the pain, it is the very wounds themselves. Each experience is a stepping stone along the path back to center. When you discover the ways in which Shakti, the feminine creative force, manifests, you access your inner reservoir of limitless power and potential; you find you can fuel your passions, discover a deeper access to presence and your love of life, and bring your ideas into realized, tangible, joyful experiences.

Working with the energy of Shakti is one way for us to access our own limitless power, as her energy is expressed through all the different parts of ourselves. It is a way for us to learn to embody the medicine of the goddesses wisdom in our daily lives. Goddess yoga can become a sister ally for your path to experiencing the fullness, abundance, and power of you! Imagine a place where we can infuse our lives with ancient and modern wisdom in community, supporting each other as we show up as we are wholeheartedly. That’s the world I’m imagining into being as of late, and as such, I'm beginning to offer goddess yoga and embodiment practices at Nectar Healing Arts Center.

Ready to dive in?

Starting July 31st, I will be offering a series exploring the goddess in all her attributes in our world and our inner beings. Register or learn more here.

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