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Honoring The Divine Masculine

Updated: Jun 18

Taking a moment to reflect on the inspiration of the divine masculine embodied. In a world where many men grow up without positive male role models, the presence of a dedicated father or teacher can make all the difference.

This past February, these hands turned 50 as they crossed the threshold into a magnificent new decade. These hands have cradled children and comforted parents as they left this world. They have created music and art, and tirelessly worked the land. Many of us, myself included, have experienced the absence of a father figure, leaving a gap that required us to piece together our own paths and undergo extra healing. The presence of a father brings love, attention, and strength to children who need it most.

I am deeply grateful to raise children with this wonderful man, who is not only an amazing inspiration to our children but also brings positive change and transformation to all the lives he touches. We are so grateful for all the men who show up wholeheartedly for their children and families.

Happy Father’s Day, Chandler. We are so thankful for all you do, seen and unseen. Your strength, love, and dedication inspire us every day. Thank you for all the men who are showing up, doing their work both inner and outer.

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