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Shakti & Her Many Aspects: Meeting the 12 Faces of the Divine Feminine


You may have hear the terms Shiva/Shakti. Shiva, the masculine, is awareness, the ground of being, the structure, the container within which all of creation is held and maintained, while Shakti is what is held - ALL the manifest world, the power, joy, delight of being! She is all human forms, all energies felt and expressed. She is immense power and the creative aspect. The goddess is breathing you through your entire life. All the goddess outlined throughout the Goddess Sessions are manifestations of her.



Cosmic Mother Queen, Warrioress who governs Strength and Protection, She is a potent and powerful goddess in the pantheon of the Divine Feminine.

She is fierce, courageous, and forgiving. The true embodiment of compassionate strength. Born fully grown and beautiful, Durga presents a fierce menacing form to her enemies. With her sword, she cuts down her enemies, both in the outer world and those within. Hence, she stands for discernment - the power to make tough choices. She encourages you to speak your truth, to live in integrity, and to stand up for healthy autonomy.



Goddess of Abundance and good fortune. Lakshmi embodies the essence of peace, beauty, abundance, sweetness, & vitality. A symbol of rising above the material world through divinity, of being good in the midst of negative influences. On daylight savings, we turn our attention toward the ever-present inner light, that we each contain. Laksmi guides us to remember the blessings that have been bestowed upon us. Connect to your inner luster while receiving the blessings of the auspicious gifts of Shri Lakshmi.



The Wise Crone Goddess: Disappointment & Letting Go.

Dhumavati is such a potent teacher as we enter into the holidays, a time when it is all too common that emotions get stirred up and inevitably something disappoints us. Regardless of the time of year, there is truth in disappointment. People disappoint us, luck runs out, status declines, strength fails us. How do we integrate these experiences to learn and move forward, not making the same choices to encounter the same disappointments again down the road? We call on Dhumavati. She may appear fierce but she is tender hearted. Her wisdom supports detachment, emptiness and freedom.


Saraswati The Goddess Who Flows

Pour your song into a clear mind! Saraswati bestows upon us the boons of Creativity, Language, Sound, & Insight. With her, we may arrive fully in the stillness with fluid clarity, creativity, and sound. For this stillness is the place on new creations, worlds being born. Stir your creativity and intellect, and activate your voice with this goddess.



The Goddess of Love & Romantic Longing

The Tantri tradition, wonderfully, recognizes the spiritual power of romantic love. That earth-shattering felt-sense of longing and desire can move mountains! With the embodiment of Radha, we can work with such powerful energy, transmuting it for our own divine use. The stories say that it is only through devotion to Radha that one may ultimately reach Krishna (embodiment of the ultimate divine God). Pour yourself into her. Radha is for those who are looking to reconnect with this element of love, needing inspiration. Call on her to open, expand and awaken the heart!



The Goddess of Surrender

The essence of Sita shows us selfless love and service and invites us to step through the door to surrender. It is through her unwavering devotion and trust that her whole existence becomes an expression of that love, though service. Surrender as a path to opening...submission as a form of trusting in the universe. What if the practice of trusting another person, or opening to something larger than ourselves, forms pathways that ultimately lead to our healing and expansion? Like a gesture of giving over that opens us up to something unimaginable, allowing us to discover freedom within the act of letting go.

Sita is also a goddess of the earth, of fertility, of spring. She embodies love without conditions, and she holds the qualities of heart melting love we should hold for ourselves, for another, for the earth. She endures, she suffers without resentment, she grieves and in her grieving she purifies through her tears. There is a purity though giving love.


Appreciate the goddess, and want to dive deeper?

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