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Chrysalis: An 8 Week Healing Immersion

(def) a protecting covering: a sheltered state or stage of being or growth during transformation


Being in a state of Chrysalis, literally shedding our emotional skin as a protective sheath, awakens and exposes what has stayed hidden in the shadows. Healing begins by bringing that which was hidden to the surface. By allowing Love to be greater than fear, we will begin to reveal our True Nature to ourselves. We are so familiar with our pain, often trading true joy and comfort for known and reliable suffering, that even the thought of change can encounter resistance. 


Within this eight week immersion we will be working with you to provide a safe and nurturing space, allowing past traumas to simply rise to the surface in order to be witnessed, approached, and incorporated back into daily life, anew. This immersion is for those who are ready to explore, expose, and transform habits and patterns though a dedicated, daily practice.




Support Provided:

- Initial Consultation and Intake
- 4 One on One Intuitive Counseling Sessions
- 4 Targeted Massage Therapy and Energetic Sessions
- Personalized Daily Meditations and Practices Delivered Weekly

-Transcripts From 4 Hours of Focused Meditation
- Personalized Yoga Therapeutics presented weekly

-Client Led Presentation of Techniques Practiced and Integrated
- Closing Consultation with Continuing Practices and Care
- Access to Aftercare and the Archive


The distance from your pain, your grief, your unattended wounds, is equal to the distance from your Heart. And the distance from your Heart is the distance from the living truth, your own wondrous nature. If you are ready to live life by relating to the contents and desires of your body, heart, and mind, rather than reacting from outdated and unnecessary patterns and wounds, please apply below.

If you feel the call for Safety, Transformation, and Change,

or have any questions about the program,
Apply Now

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