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Raphaela Fritz

Raphaela infuses Goddess wisdom and deep joy into her healing practice of Yoga, Bodywork, Yoga Therapeutics, Motherhood, Partnership, and Life.

She has been practicing yoga for 28 years, teaching for the last 20 years, and providing massage therapy for 16 years. Through certification and immersive study within two traditions of yoga (Anusara and Bikram), and being a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of North Carolina, she combines her knowledge and application of physical alignment, the subtle energy body, shamanic, and tantric practices into her classes, workshops, & retreats.


As she continues to evolve, heal, and strengthen her own life, she remains compelled to share this process of love and grace with others, drawing from ancient wisdoms to apply them towards the betterment of our hectic, modern experience of embodiment.

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Chandler Fritz
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Certified Intuitive Counselor offering sessions in trans-personal counseling, chakra reading/balancing, soul purpose discovery, past life regression therapy, and energetic house and business clearing, including Vastu which focuses on energetic remediation of businesses, homes, and personal space.

Studied Acupuncture for three years under the tutelage of Dr. Zhou, headmaster of Harbin Medical University.
Certified Master QRA Practitioner. Completed certification in Quantum Reflex Analysis under Dr. Marshall, founder of Premier Research Laboratories, including personalized mentorship.



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