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a place for Embodiment, Empowerment,
Growth, & Healing


"As we continue to evolve, heal, and strengthen our own lives, we remain compelled to share this process of love and grace with others, drawing from ancient wisdoms to apply them towards the betterment of our hectic, modern experience of embodiment."

-Raphaela & Chandler

Workshops, Personal Sessions, Yoga Therapeutics, Body Work, & Steady As She Goes
Women's Retreats

About Us

Nectar: A History

Nectar was co-founded by Raphaela & Chandler in 2009.

After the birth of our son Lucien, we relocated from Santa Fe, New Mexico and opened our first yoga studio and healing arts center in Saluda, NC. This was a culmination our gifts and offerings becoming entwined into one space. Offered were daily classes, as well as yoga workshops and series, and opportunities for intuitive, spiritual, health, and life counseling.

The initial space was closed in May of 2014, with a continued open office in Asheville; a place to see clients and continue to provide massage from 2014-2020.

After living in the heart of West Asheville we were eager to place our roots in the county, and ready to live somewhere that provided a feeling of Sanctity, and moved to Barnardsville, NC. As the world was rapidly changing in the spring of 2020 Chandler and Raphaela felt strongly that their parents needed to live closer. Chandler moved his parents from retirement in Florida to the Triple 999 Ranch.
A month later, Raphaela’s mother felt the country calling and decided to sell her condo in West Asheville. Through another act of divine grace she was able to secure a home on the very same street and now lives ¼ mile from the ranch. 

The struggles that the world threw at us all could have resulted in stress, trauma, and collapse. Through the gift of grace, foresight, and never ending will this turmoil blossomed instead into a divinely masculine, working ranch and a sublimely feminine forest sanctuary and garden.

The name for the ranch came to Raphaela in a dream. She recognized that each of the addresses in different configurations added up to the number 9.
Raphaela and Chandlers home 54=9
Ranch 252=9
Sanctuary 333=9
Three or Triple 999
Chandler remembered that in Gematria the nine holds the highest energy of any number in the set as it contains all previous numbers and infers the next integer, ten.

Thus, Nectar has now blossomed into this retreat center: a healing hub, a place of sovereignty, a place to build resiliency, reset our patterns, and reenter the world anew.

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

About Us

Raphaela Steady In The Fire...Setting the intetention.jpeg
Raphaela Fritz

Raphaela infuses Goddess wisdom and deep joy into her healing practice of Yoga, Bodywork, Yoga Therapeutics, Motherhood, Partnership, and Life.

She has been practicing yoga for 28 years, teaching for the last 20, and providing massage therapy for 16. Through certification and immersive study within two traditions of yoga (Anusara and Bikram), and being a practicing Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of North Carolina, she combines her knowledge and application of physical alignment, the subtle energy body, shamanic, and tantric practices into her classes, workshops, & retreats.

In addition to her previous trainings, in May of 2020 she was initiated into Neeklakana Meditation and has been deeply immersed in Blue Throat Yoga and the teachings of Kashmir Saivism under the tutelage of Pall Muller Ortega. 


Chandler Fritz

Chandler and Raphaela view their relationship and life as a sacred container that fuels evolution, healing, growth and self discovery.  Actualizing through a life filled with interpersonal connection, radical honesty, love and support


Chandler is a Certified Intuitive Counselor. His offerings include  sessions in trans-personal counseling, chakra reading/balancing, soul purpose discovery, past life regression therapy, as well as energetic house and business clearing, including Vastu, which focuses on energetic remediation of businesses, homes, and personal space.

He studied Acupuncture for three years under the tutelage of Dr. Zhou, headmaster of Harbin Medical University.

He is a Certified Master Quantum Reflex Analysis Practitioner, and completed certification under Dr. Marshall, founder of Premier Research Laboratories, which included personalized mentorship.


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Nectar Healing Arts &
Steady As She Goes Retreats

Barnardsville, NC, 28709
(828) 749-2229


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Contact Us

Nectar Healing Arts &
Steady As She Goes Retreats

Barnardsville, NC, 28709
(828) 749-2229

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